Hot & Cold Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular, especially so in professional cleaning applications.

The choice of washer is dependent on whatit will be used for.  This will also determine whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer.

High Pressure Washers Uses

Pressure washers are ideal for use in a variety of industrial sectors including agriculture, the food industry, aviation, marine and construction.    Hot and cold water pressure cleaners are particularly effective for removing tough and non-water soluble dirt from heavy-duty equipment such as cement mixers, cranes, earth moving equipment, transportation vehicles, tractors, and others.

The reason for this is because the strength of the hot water spray released by the washer hits the surface it’s cleaning with deep impact leading to a reduction in the water’s surface tension, enabling it to penetrate into the molecules of grease and grime in a more effective way.

Choosing a pressure cleaner is ultimately down to what will meet your industrial cleaning needs.  This is based on the type of dirt that needs to be eliminated.

High Pressure Machines Water Temperature

Cold water pressure cleaners are ideal for industrial jobs where the removal of regular dirt is required.  In cases where oil or grease need to be eliminated or where regular use of the washer is necessary, a hot water pressure cleaner will be most effective.

Hot water pressure washers are renowned for getting cleaning jobs done quickly, thus being more time efficient.

Water Pressure and Flow Rate

Once you have determined whether you need a cold or hot water pressure cleaner, you then need to identify just how much power that machine needs to have in order to work efficiently.

This is ultimately is based on water pressurewhich is whatbreaks the chemical bond between the dirt and the surface being cleaned, andwater flow ratewhich refers to the amount of water that a machine can release when fully operational, related to the speed of work.

Water pressure is measured in bar or PSI and flow rate is measured in L/minute (litres per minute) or GPM (gallons per minute).

The Size Of The Job

The size of the cleaning task on hand will determine the water pressure and flow rate measurements you need.  For instance, a lighter type cleaning job or one that is undertaken sporadically can make do with a pressure washer that has less pressure and flow rate, as opposed to tougher cleaning jobs that are done regularly which need a pressure washer with more water pressure and flow rate.

Light duty cleaning normally refers to the cleaning of vehicles, driveways, garage, fencing, floors, walls, doors, and so forth.  Heavier duty cleaning can include stain removal, getting surfaces prepped for painting by eradicating all abrasives, harder to reach places, etc.

It is important to note here though that there are exceptions to every rule and that there are heavy duty cleaning situations where increased pressure is not actually required and that more flow of water is actually necessary.  This includes heavy soiling as one such example.

The Chemicals

Sometimes, a thorough clean will require the use of chemicals. There is some dirt that is simply too tough to remove with just hot or cold water or high pressure.  Dirt like oil and grease for instancemay need some form of cleaning solution to effectively eliminate it from the surface.

The Accessories

The effectiveness of a machine is also dependent on the accessories it comes with and their functionality.

Combijet Hot and Cold Water Pressure washers

Combijet has a range of pressure washers to serve a multitude of industries and to remove dirt for just about any surface.

It has developed an innovative line of cold water pressure washers that have been designed to clean quickly, saving time spent on labour.

Combijet’s cold water pressure washers include the Electric-driven JE10, JE10-1510, JE20 (JE20-1211, JE-2015, JE-2018), JE60 (JE60-350, JE60-500), and the Petrol-driven JP (JP9-200, JP13-250 and JP20-500) and JD90 (JD90-250 & JD90-500).

All these models have been built to include a gun, lance with nozzle-holder, 5, 10 or 15m power cable and high-pressure hose of 8m, 10m or 20m depending on the model.  Ease of use and comfort has also been taken into serious consideration and as a result, all machines come with an ergonomic handle and tough wheels, ensuring that optimal performance is attained.

Combijet’s hot and cold water pressure washers include the JE30 series (from 120bar up to 300bar – models JE30-1211, JE30-1310, JE30-2015).  These washers come with the standard parts that come with the cold water pressure washers. A single piece of polypropylene makes the machines resistant to impact and weather conditions, whilst access to the main mechanical components is very easy.

No matter the size of the job or the industry in which cleaning needs to take place, there are models within Combijet range of washers that will meet the requirements of just about everyone.

Cleaning street with high pressure power washer, washing stone garden paths

Hot & Cold Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular, especially so in professional cleaning applications. The choice of washer is dependent on whatit will be

Polyurethane and epoxy flooring.Concrete grinding.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Combijet’s industrial cleaning range is the best solution when working conditions and dirt type are extreme, dangerous or difficult to manage.

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