High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment for Efficient Cleaning
Our company offers a wide range of high-quality high-pressure water jetting equipment that is designed to meet the needs of different industries and applications. Our equipment is built to last, ensuring durability, reliability, and consistent performance.
Pressure Washers Accessories for Optimal Performance
When it comes to using high pressure washers and industrial cleaning machines, having the right accessories can make all the difference. COMBIJET high pressure cleaning accessories and industrial cleaning spares & parts are designed to help you achieve optimal performance, efficiency, and safety during the cleaning process.

Combijet has been leading the way in high pressure water jetting equipment and high pressure water blasting since 2015…

High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment for Heavy Duty Cleaning

Combijet is providing a wide range of high-pressure cleaning machines, water jet pump units, water blasting equipment, and pressure washer accessories.

Ultra High Pressure Water Equipment for Different Industries

Our ultra high pressure water blasting equipments & accessories are ideal for a variety of maritime & inland shipping tasks, including cleaning the hull of ships & removing rust.

Custom High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

We provide custom tailored water jetting solutions for any industry. Whether you need a custom high pressure washer, a specialized cleaning system, or a unique cleaning solution, we can help.

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High Pressure Water Blasting Equipment

COMBIJET is manufacturer of high pressure water jetting equipment & high pressure cleaning systems. We are a cyprus based company with vast experience in the design and production of high pressure water cleaners, high pressure water jetting cleaning, cleaning & water blasting robots. Our high pressure water cleaning systems can be used to clean a huge variety of materials and surfaces.

Pressure Washing Accessories & Spare Parts

At COMBIJET we produce a wide range of water jetting replacement parts and water jetting accessories. High pressure water jetting accessories have a wide range of uses, and our attachments let you get the most out of your Combijet high pressure water jetting machine. Finding the appropriate accessory for your water jetting system can be challenging but not with Combijet.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

We’re offering top-notch cleaning equipment and cleaning machines to customers all over the world with an extensive experience in cleaning technology and material handling operations. Combijet is your one-stop shop for your industrial cleaning equipment needs, and wash water systems.

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