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Leaders in water jetting Equipment

Combijet is a manufacturer and supplier of high pressure water jetting equipment, reverse osmosis systems and industrial cleaning machinery.

Backed by high-end components, through engineering and european build quality our products serve a wide spectrum of industries globally.

Whether it is marine, oil & gas, construction or heavy-industry applications, professionals trust in our products to carry out their projects cost-effectively.

Our range covers an array of products for the most demanding environments, including pressure washers from (150 bar up to 250 bar), Jet cleaners (up to 500 bar) and ultra high pressure water blasters (from 800 bar up to 2800 bar).

With a full range of tools and accessories, engineered and manufactured for high pressure ratings, we deliver to the end-user a complete solution for most projects or applications.

As a highlight of the range, we offer the innovative COMBIJET robots, suitable for high pressure cleaning and blasting of steel surfaces and structures.

Worker cleaning hull of boat with high pressure hose in shipyard
Container ship and cranes at port

COMBIJET for Seagoing & Offshore Vessels

The marine industry is vital for international trade, as over 80% of shipping is carried out by sea transport.

Seagoing vessels and structures need to be maintained to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

COMBIJET provides full range of high pressure water jetting equipment, cleaning & water blasting robots specifically designed for the marine sector. Whether it is pressure washing, cargo hold cleaning or paint & rust removal, our equipment are the perfect solution for keeping vessels in optimal condition.

Additionally, our reverse osmosis systems, that run independent of the main engine, provide fresh water to the vessel, for accommodation, washing and boilers.

Global Presence and Service throughout the World

Through our worldwide network of stocking points, we ensure that you can obtain all your high-pressure jetting equipment, accessories and spare parts from convenient location at all times. Our current stocking points:

Cyprus (Headquarters and Manufacturing)
Antwerp, Belgium
Dubai, UAE
Houston/New Orleans USA

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