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The Use of High Pressure Water Blasting in the Construction Industry

High pressure water blasting, otherwise known as hydrojetting or high pressure cleaning, is the process of spraying pressurized water onto a surface to remove surface material and contaminants.

A myriad of materials, film and abrasive (including paint from metal surfaces, walls and asphalt; rubber from airport runways, sealants and membrane from concrete, and even gum, graffiti and pollution from payments) are eradicated by the force that the water generates.

Aside from being ahighly effective cleaning method within a range of industries, the use of high pressure hydroblasting equipment is also environmentally friendly thus reducing carbon footprint.

Water blasting and the Construction Industry

Industrial strength cleaning applications are vital within the construction industry, especially in the eradication of dirt and other undesirable materials from structures and surfaces.

In fact, ultra-High Pressure Water jetting is the preferred method of choice on projects where large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed of.  Several studies have even shown that surfaces that have been water blasted with high pressure water blasters like Combijet, are cleaner than those blasted using traditional solid abrasive methods.

High pressure water blasting not only removes old coatings and rust, it also eliminates deeply embedded crystallized salt, resulting in a remarkable reduction ofchloride levels on surfacesleading to higher adhesion of coating and longer coating life.

Utilizing high pressure washing technology also allows construction work to be undertaken in areas where other conventional blasting methods would be impossible to use, e.g. terminals, refineries and urban areas, making the use of this cleaning method crucial in the construction industry due to its ability to adapt to the requirements of almost any space.

Removal of health hazards

Unlike other cleaning methods utilized in the construction industry, for example sandblasting; high pressure water jetting does not create any levels of dustduring the cleaning process meaningdangerous contaminants do not become airborne.

Forconstruction workers operating cleaning equipment, this is a vital safety consideration because the residual risk of exposure to high concentrations of contaminants like silica sand, or prolongedinhalation of respirable dust containing crystalline silica which leads to silicosis, a sometimes fatal lung disease, is drastically reduced when using high pressure water blasting machinery.

This in turn also has a positive impact on the environment due to the reduction of toxic substances or pollutants being carried by the air that would otherwise put more people at risk of allergens.

Cleaning street with high pressure power washer, washing stone garden paths

Hot & Cold Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular, especially so in professional cleaning applications. The choice of washer is dependent on whatit will be

Polyurethane and epoxy flooring.Concrete grinding.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Combijet’s industrial cleaning range is the best solution when working conditions and dirt type are extreme, dangerous or difficult to manage.

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