XV 300

Our innovative X-series water blasting robots, for hydroblasting applications on flat steel surfaces. Utilizing high-end components and the latest control technologies, our magnetic crawlers deliver high productivity and low-downtime operations.

The robots enable maintenance crews and service providers to carry out hydroblasting projects in a faster, safer and environmentally friendly way. Available with a swing-arm for open type blasting or with a blastcan for enclosed blasting & vacuuming, the robots can be used in a multitude of applications.

The wireless remote control operation ensures that the operator is far from the work area, reducing injury risks and increasing safety. Seamless and easy control reduces the physical work for the operator, resulting in higher productivity shifts. Whether it’s hydroblasting vessel hulls, storage tank structures or any flat steel surfaces, you can rely on COMBIJET robots to deliver.

Robot Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,020 x 570 x 465 mm
Robot Weight: 57 kg
Max. Drive Speed: Up to 12 meter / min
Max. Working Width: Up to 400 mm
Power Supply: 230V / 16A
Drive Motor Power: 2 x 600W
IP Rating: IP67
Recommended Machine Size: 2500-2800 bar @ 30-40 l/min

• High productivity and speed of work

• Thorough cleaning of surfaces

• Reduced setup and manpower requirements

• Increased safety due to operator remote control operation

• Eliminates requirement for access equipment (staging, scaffolding or cranes, platforms)

• The ability to work in close proximity to other maintenance processes