JS D10 (Single Operator)

The Combijet JS D10 Steam Generator with Diesel Fuel Boiler – Single Operator is ideal for heavier duty cleaning within the construction sector, at hotels, pools and even the pharmaceutical sector.

As with other models within the JS range of machines, the JS D10 is ideal for use in inside areas or where there is no water collection system in place.  This is because unlike a pressure washer, the JS D10 produces very little water and since most of the liquid evaporates, much less water is left behind to drain or dry off.

The JS D10 comes equipped with a vertical burner with high thermal efficiency coil; an auxiliary motor for burner; a discharge valve that allows for the complete discharge of the boiler; an electric temperature regulator; a steam pressure gauge; an integrated detergent tank with detergent delivery control by gun; a low fuel lamp; safety solenoid valve; double pipe gas/oil pump; and an easy to use control panel.

Abs. Power/Voltage: 350W / 230V
Fuel/Water Tank: 25/25 lt
Burner Type: DIESEL
Fuel Consumption: 3 lt /h
Heating& Activation Time: 5 min
Noise Level: 75 dB (A)
Steam Production: 37.5 Kg /h
Steam Pressure: 10 Bar
Steam Temperature: 178 ° C
Machine Dimensions / Weight: 90x65x80 cm / 122 Kg

Vertical Burner with high thermal efficiency coil

Auxiliary motor for burner

Discharge valve: allows complete discharge of boiler

Temperature regulator: temperature is set-up by electric regulator

Steam pressure gauge

Low fuel lamp

Integrated detergent tank, with detergent delivery control by gun

Double pipe gasoil pump

User-friendly control panel

Unit can be continuously refilled

Safety solenoid valve