JS 3.3

The Combijet JS 3.3 is an Electric Steam Generator that is ideal for the sanitation of areas such as kitchens, bakeries, food production and dairy factories.

Steam generators like the JS 3.3 are perfect for degreasing or sanitising objects or surfaces in a simple and ecological manner.  The steam is produced at a high temperature (above 140°C), making it incredibly hot and thereby very effective in removing grease.  So much so that when steam is produced at 180°C, the dirt can even be degreased without the need for chemical products.

A steam generator is also particularly useful when inside cleaning is needed or the area that needs to be sanitised has no water collection system.  The reason for this is because whereas a pressure washer produces a huge volume of water thus requiring cleaning to be moved outside so as to drain the water; a steam generator produces a lot less water and most of the liquid evaporates, leaving very little water to be drained or dried.

The JS 3.3 has been equipped with steam regulation functionality; discharge valve; pressure gauge; a device for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam; continuous duty boiler that can be refilled from the tank; pivoting wheels with brakes suitable for food processing areas; a 3m length hose; steam gun with low tension control; steam extension pipe; and a rectangular and triangular steam nozzle.

Abs. Power/Voltage: 3.3 kW /230V 50Hz
Fuel/Water Tank: 5 l/ 5l
Burner Type: ELECTRIC
Fuel Consumption:
Heating& Activation Time: 7-10 min
Noise Level: 80dB(A)
Steam Production: 4.62 Kg/h
Steam Pressure: 9 Bar
Steam Temperature: 175 ° C
Machine Dimensions / Weight: 620X440X860 CM / 340KG

Steam regulation

Discharge valve

Pressure gauge

Device for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam

Continuous Duty: The boiler can be refilled from the tank

Pivoting wheels with brakes, suitable for food processing areas

Hose 3m length

Steam gun with low tension control

Steam extension pipe

Rectangular and Triangular steam nozzle

Flat accessory

Brush joint and Brushes set

Triangular and round brush

Steam Scraper

Brush cap