The Combijet JE80-2500 Electric Ultra-High Pressure Water Blaster has a 2500 bar working pressure and 16 l/min flow rate making it a superior product for the cleaning of machinery and parts within heavy duty industries like construction, marine, mining, aviation, energy, and oil & gas.

The JE80-2500 can be used in a number of cleaning applications such as the removal of latex, SBR and product residues from tubes, pipes, heat exchangers, reactors and tanks utilised in the rubber processing industry; removal of rubber from airport runways; cleaning of deposits, removal of metal oxidation, ceramic and sand core materials in foundries; the preparation of surfaces for painting; blasting and decontamination of fuel capsules, skips, tubes and equipment as well as blasting of transformers for removal of chemical/acid deposits in power stations; and the elimination of mill scale, weld slag and rust from drains, pipes and new vessels.

The JE80-2500 is also highly effective in the removal of tough and non-water soluble dirt off marine vessels; the hydroblasting of vessels (hulls and cargo holds) and steel structures and surfaces at shipyards; the blasting of metal surfaces (scaffolding, support bards, structures, pipes, drums) on construction sites; the blasting of oil rig structures and runways; the cleaning and blasting of ready-mix concrete vehicles, tanks and silos; and the cleaning and blasting of a range of equipment within oil & gas facilities.

The JE80-2500 is equipped with key features such as an easy to use electric control panel complete with contactors and switching components; stainless steel filtration system with first stage 20µ/second stage 5µ; CE electric components produced in Italy; rupture disk rated 2760 bar; protection equipment such as overload relay protecting the motor from overload and inlet pressure sensor protecting the pump from running dry and overheating; among others.

Working Pressure: 2,500 bar / 36,250 PSI
Flow Rate: 17 lpm / 4.5 GPM
Voltage/Frequency: 400V 50Hz or 440V 60Hz
Electric Power: 90 kW / 120 HP
Dimensions LxWxH / Weight: 2250 x 1750 x 1800 mm / 2000 kg

• Steel Base and Crash Frame, with lifting eyes and forklift pockets

• Water Tank

• Stainless Steel Filter

• Control panel, with Start/Stop and emergency shutdown functions

• Feed (booster) pump

• Pressure gauge

• Inlet water sensor (dry-run protection)

• Ultra High Pressure Hose – 20m

• Electrical Cable

• Dump Gun with Lance

• One Set of Operator & Spares Manual