The Combijet JE60-500 Electric High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner (500 bar / Electric Driven 50/60Hz) is very suited for industrial strength cleaning purposes within the maritime and construction sectors; at cement plants, aluminium plants, mines, and other such heavy duty industries.

It is highly effective in removing hard dirt from a variety of surfaces including storage tanks, pipes, drums, floors and walls. It can also deal with the removal of tough non-water soluble dirt, loose paint and rust from the decks, hulls, cargo holds and structures of marine vessels; and get rid of soil, clay and concrete residue from machinery, chains, mixing shafts and stirrer vessels. Further, the JE60-500 can remove loose paint, latex, emulsions and labels from containers and drums as well as rid ready-mix trucks and pumps of fresh concrete deposits.

The JE60-500 is considered by many to be the king of ultra-high pressure jet cleaning machines.

Working Pressure: 500 Bar / 7250 PSI
Flow Rate (@50Hz): 16 lpm / 4.2 GPM
Flow Rate (@60Hz): 19 lpm / 5.0 GPM
Voltage / Frequency: 400-440V / 50-60Hz
Electric Power: 20 hp / 15 kW
Running Current: 28 A
Dimension LxWxH: 1070 x 550 x 900 mm
Weight: 245 Kg

• EU Component & Build Quality

• Electric Box & Hour meter

• Lifting Bar

• Easy Hand Adjustable Pressure Regulator

• Electric Cable -10 m

• High Pressure Hose – 20m

• Trigger Operated Gun with Lance

• Fan Jet Nozzle

• Manual Pressure Regulator (for pressure adjustment)

• Thermo – Mechanical Valve (for overheating protection)