JE60-350 / 60Hz

Like the JE60-350, the Combijet JE60-350 Electric High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner (350 bar / Electric Driven 50/60Hz) is highly useful for industrial strength cleaning within heavy duty industries such as the maritime, construction, automotive, mining, petroleum and steel industries.

It’s cleaning effectiveness is largely due to its unique manual pressure regulator valve, a standard option on this machine, which allows its operator to easily adjust the pressure from 150 to 500 bar by hand; a thermos-mechanical valve which protects the machine pump from overheating by opening to release heated water when temperatures rise too high, thereby cooling the pump; and coupling between the pump and the motor which ensures full protection of the motor and pump shaft, while at the same time absorbs any vibration from the system.

The JE60-350 has also been designed with a 5 meter long electric cable; a 10 meter high pressure hose; a glycerine pressure gauge; a trigger operated gun with c/w lance; a fan jet nozzle (with sapphire opening); stainless steel suction and delivery valves; and the low voltage and delayed Total Stop function that switches off its motor after a few seconds of non-use in order to stop the pump from running continuously and overheating.

Working Pressure 30-350 bar / 435-5075 PSI
Flow Rate 17 l/min / 4.49 GPM
Power Motor 11kW / 14.75 HP
Power Supply 3 Phase 380 – 440V  50/60 HZ
Machine Dimensions (LXWXH) 1260 X 780 X 980 mm
Weight 140 kg

Electric Cable – 5m length

Pressure regulator

Low voltage and delayed total stop

Glycerine pressure gauge

Steel frame and cover

Solid wheels

Stainless steel suction & delivery valves

Operator and spares Manual

• 10m High Pressure Rubber Hose

• 5 m Oil Resistant Electrical Cable

• Trigger Operated Gun c/w Lance

• Fan Jet Nozzle

• One set of Operator & Spares Manual