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Within the maritime industry, considerable attention is given to the removal of abrasives and dirt – such as oil and petroleum residue – off all tanker vessels. This is because any structural damage that can come as a result of not implementing proper cleaning measures can result in high financial losses and put the operational safety of those vessels at risk.

The Combijet JE30-2018 Electric Hot & Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner with Diesel Boiler is a 60 Hz variant of the JE30-2015 and is a highly suitable for use within the marine sector in order to rid tanker vessels of any heavy duty dirt, for cleaning the petrol tanks on the vessels, and to clean pet-coke (petroleum coke) and coal from cargo holds.

The JE30-2018 is fitted with ultra-high pressure hoses; a trigger operated stainless steel gun; a lance with a straight jet nozzle (rotating nozzles can also be used for tougher jobs); a temperature regulation gauge with a high sensitivity stainless steel sensor; a pressure accumulator for prevention of hose and gun vibrations; and low voltage and delayed Total Stop functionality that switches off its motor after a few seconds of non-use in order to stop the pump from running continuously and overheating.

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Working Pressure 30-200 bar / 435-2900 PSI
Flow rate 9-18 LPM/ 4.78-9.56 GPM
Pump Type MPW5
Max. inlet temperature 40o C
Max. outlet temperature 140o C
Electric Motor 8.7 kW / 11.66 HP
RPM 1700 @ 60 Hz
Power Supply 3 phase 380-440 V 60Hz
Diesel tank 22 l / 5.8 gal
Detergent tank 22 l / 5.8 gal
Anti-scale tank 2.4 l / 0.6 gal
Fuel consumption 6.6 l/h / 1.75 gal/h
Heat output 88 kW
Weight 175 kg / 385 lbs

Electric Cable: 5 meter with plug

Ultra high pressure Hoses: 10 meter

Gun: Trigger operated gun stainless steel

Lance with straight jet nozzle

Low voltage and delayed Total Stop

Temperature regulation gauge, with high sensitivity stainless steel sensor

Header tank and anti-scale device

Pressure accumulator for hose and gun vibrations preventions