The Combijet JE30-1211 Electric Hot & Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner is a 120 bar professional range machine with a diesel boiler and with a maximum outlet temperature of 140°C.

The JE30-1211 is a highly efficient cleaning machine for use within the oil & gas and maritime sectors, the industrial, agricultural and food industries and for companies such as car washes, service stations and parking garages. This is because the JE30-1211 is incredibly effective in removing all types of tough dirt – including non-water soluble grime such as grease, oil and petroleum – from a range of surfaces. This machine has been designed to include an electric 4-pole motor with thermal protection; three ceramic coated pistons; a brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve; an auxiliary motor for burner air cooling and a mechanical two-way fuel pump; a 10 meter ultra-high pressure hose; and a built-in water tank which would assist in cases where water supply is insufficient in terms of pressure or flow, and into which chemicals and softeners can be placed for direct use with the output water.

The JE30-1211 also has a lance with a straight or flat jet nozzle (rotating nozzles can also be used for tougher jobs); suction and delivery S/S valves; a vertical burner with high thermal efficiency; a temperature regulation gauge with a high sensitivity stainless steel sensor; a detergent built-in tank for indirect suction; a glycerine pressure gauge; and a trigger operated dump gun.

The JE30-1211 is also equipped with the low voltage and delayed Total Stop function that switches off its motor after a few seconds of non-use in order to stop the pump from running continuously and overheating.

Operating Pressure/Mx: 30-110 Bar / 150 Bar
Operating Pressure/Max.: 4.35-1595 PSI /2175 PSI
Flow Rate: 5.75-11 lpm / 1.52 – 2.91 GPM
Power/Voltage: 3000 W / 230 V 50Hz 1 ph
RPM: 1450
Diesel Tank: 18 l/ 4.8 gal
Detergent Tank: 3.0 l / 0.79 gal
Max. Temperature Inlet / Outlet: 40° C / 140° C
Fuel Consumption: 4.72 l/h – 1.25 gal/h
Heat Output: 58kw
Machine Dimensions / Weight: 94x65x90 cm / 125 Kg /275 lbs

Electrical Motor: 4-pole with thermal protection

Three ceramic coated pistons, brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve

Low voltage and delayed Total Stop

Suction and delivery S/S valves

Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency

Temperature regulation gauge, with high sensitivity stainless steel sensor

Low fuel lamp and cut-off

Safety valve

Detergent built-in tank for indirect suction

Glycerin pressure gauge

Auxiliary motor for burner air cooling and mechanical two ways fuel pump

Electric Cable: 5 meter with plug

High pressure hose: 10 meter

Gun: Trigger operated gun

Lance with straight or flat jet nozzle

Operator and spares manual

• Gun with Rotating Coupling

• Lance with Fan Jet Nozzle

• Power Cable 5m

• High Pressure Hose 10m