The cleaning of public areas is no small feat, especially so in spaces that see a lot of foot traffic.  Whether this is a commercial establishment, such as a hotel, retail stores or municipal areas, industrial strength cleaning is not only vital, but also required on a continual basis.

The energy efficient Combijet JE20-1211 Electric Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner is suitable for customers who need a heavy duty pressure cleaning piece of equipment to carry out cleaning and sanitation regularly, and who have single-phase power outlets available.

The JE20-1211 (with up to 250 bar pressure and 11 lpm flowrate) is fitted with a 4-pole electric motor with thermal protection; three ceramic coated pistons; a brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve; a 10 meter ultra-high pressure hose and pressure regulator; a lance with jet nozzle; suction and delivery S/S valves; and a Total Stop feature that shuts off the motor of this machine after a few seconds of non-use in order to stop the pump from running continuously and overheating.

The JE20-1211 is also equipped with a water cooling function made possible by its aluminium housing and channels through which water runs and which keeps the machine at optimum temperature.  In addition, its mechanical temperature valve, pre-set at 45° C, opens mechanically to release water and relieve the machine.

Operating Pressure (bar): 30-125 Bar
Operating Pressure (psi): 435 – 1812 psi
Flow Rate: 5.75 – 11 lpm / 1.52 – 2.91 GPM
Power/Voltage: 3000 W / 230V – 50Hz 1 ph
Motor Pump Type: MP3
RPM: 1450
Inlet max. Temperature: 40° C
Machine Dimension: 50x90x83 cm
Machine Weight: 44 Kg / 96.8 lbs

• Water-cooled motor – keeps the motor at optimum temperatures

• Total Stop (Delayed) – shuts down the motor when pump is not in use, with a 15 second delay, protecting the unit from overheating

• Flexible coupling between motor and pump – increased lifetime of motorpump

• Gun with Rotating Coupling

• Lance with Fan Jet Nozzle

• Power Cable 5m

• High Pressure Hose 10m