The Combijet JD90-500 is a Diesel Ultra-High Pressure Water Blaster with a 3-cylinder Kubota Diesel engine that is highly effective machine for high pressure cleaning within heavy industries.
Aside from handling the removal of hard dirt from a range of surfaces including storage tanks, pipes, drums, structures, floors and walls, it can also eliminate tough dirt such as soil, clay and concrete residue from machinery, chains and mixing shafts.

Further, the JD90-500 can remove loose paint, latex, emulsion and labels from containers and drums; clean weather dirt from surfaces of buildings; and eradicate fresh concrete deposits from ready mix trucks and pumps.

The JD90-500 comes with a manual pressure regulator and has been built with a Kubota – Stage EU IIIA emissions engine at a 1750 rpm which means that the engine has the added advantage of running smoothly and with lower fuel consumption (1.8 l/h). The engine is also directly attached to the pump with flexible coupling (for maximum component protection) – without any gearbox.

The JD90-500 is equipped with 20 meter high pressure hose; trigger operated gun; 800mm long lance; fan jet nozzle; thermo-mechanical valve to protect the valve from high temperatures; control panel with Start/Stop switch, and Indicators for monitoring engine parameters (engine oil, temperature, battery).

Working Pressure: 500 bar / 7250 PSI
Flow Rate: 75 lpm / 20 GPM
Engine Power: 90-100 kW / 120-135 HP
Dimension: 2250 x 1750 x 1900 mm
Weight: 2300 kg

• Base and Frame

• Water Tank

• Lifting Eye

• Stainless Steel Filters

• 20m High Pressure Hose

• Trigger Operated Gun with Lance

• Fan Jet Nozzle

• Manual Pressure Regulator