The Combijet JP9-200 petrol driven Cold Pressure Water Cleaner (200 bar) with a 9 hp Honda engine – part of Combjet’s industrial range of machinery – is used mostly in areas where no electric power source exists.

The JP9-200 is normally utilised in outside spaces, for example, in the removal of dirt, leaves and debris from sewers and drains to prevent blockage; the deep cleaning of refuse vehicles by getting rid of residual rubbish and soil accumulated from landfill sites; and even the elimination of tough dirt from reservoirs.

The JP9-200 has been designed with 10 meter long ultra-high pressure hoses: trigger operated dump gun; lance with high pressure nozzle set; bypass with safety valve; pressure regulator; hose and nozzle holder.

Operating Pressure: 200 Bar / 2900PSI
Delivery Rate: 13 lpm / 3.43 GPM
Engine Power: 9 hp
Pump Type: TPBH5
RPM: 3400
Inlet Max. Water Temperature: 40° C
Dimensions / Weight: 103x50x67 cm / 45 Kg

– Ultra high pressure hose: 10 meter

– Gun: Trigger operated gun

– Lance with high pressure nozzle set

– Bypass with safety valve

– Pressure regulator

– Hose and nozzle holder

– Operator and spares manual

• Trigger Operated Gun with Lance

• High Pressure Nozzle Set ( JP9-200)

• Fan Jet Nozzle

• High Pressure Hose – 10 m