RJE1000 Hydro-blasting Robot

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The Combijet RJE-1000 Hydro-Blasting Robot is a robotic heavy duty high pressure water blasting machine suitable for all vertical steel cleaning operations, including high pressure washing and cleaning, and hydro blasting..

Examples of where the use of the RJE-1000 would be ideal are the cleaning/blasting vessels in dry dock (the maritime industry), oil rigs and drilling platforms (the oil & gas sector) and storage tanks and metal structures (industrial plants).

The way in which the RJE-1000 Hydro-Blasting Robot works is that the robot adheres to a wall by magnetic drive assembly, and can move independently by a wireless remote control.


The RJE-1000 Hydro-Blasting Robot comes equipped with a remote control unit. Controllable boom unit including gear and drive system; stainless steel IP65 control box with a 220V/24V power unit; main frame unit with double release lock pin; rubber tyres and polyurethane tracks; and a 50 meter long power cable.

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  • Remote control unit IMET M550s Zeus B with MAC receiver
  • Controllable swing boom unit, including gear and drive system
  • Control box, stainless steel IP65, with power unit 220V/24V
  • Power cable – 50m
  • Connection/pipe work
  • Main frame unit, with double release lock pin
  • Rubber tyres and polyurethane tracks
  • Instruction and parts manual