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The Combijet CJV-365IR Wet & Dry professional vacuum cleaner has a tiltin tank which makes it ideal for emptying solids and dust in a variety of businesses such as hotels for cleaning kitchens, toilets and other common areas; construction sites for the removal of dust and dirt; automotive or aviation companies for cleaning paint overspray and powder; and within the food industry for spill and product recovery, during production and packaging.

The CJV-365IR is also effective for cleaning bakeries, especially getting rid of residual flour; within publishing or paper manufacturing businesses in order to remove paper dust, ink powder and liquid; at textile establishments for the removal of lint, fabric dust, thread and cloth scraps; and even in warehouses for the elimination of dirt and leftover packaging.

The CJV-365IR is equipped with 3 bypass motors for wet and dry use, a tilting (removable) tank suitable for emptying accumulated dust and solids, and other key parts such as a static electric shock inhibitor, shock proof trolley, liquid float valve, a 2.5 meter long hose, and traceless wheels.


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Our Features


  • Power cable: 7.5 m
  • Hose: 2.5 m
  • Tilting and fully removable tank
  • Static electric shock inhibitor
  • Shockproof trolley
  • Liquid float valve
  • Cloth filter
  • Traceless wheels