Industrial Vacuum Cleaners



Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Combijet’s industrial cleaning range is the best solution when working conditions and dirt type are extreme, dangerous or difficult to manage. They can be used in various industrial applications that are described in the current article.


Combijet’s industrial cleaning range is the best solution when working conditions and dirt type are extreme, dangerous or difficult to manage. Innovative filtering systems, toughness construction and possibility to work with dangerous dusts, set new standards in the industrial sector regarding extensive working expectation, productivity, filtering capacity and efficiency.
Vacuum cleaners are represented by the Combijet CJV series. Models like the CJV-265IFCJV– 365IRCJV-2350CJV80-22 are able to cover every need. They feature two or three (depending on the model) high-efficiency by-pass motors, suction system with by-pass cooling, filter cleaning system, stainless-steel tank and cloth filer. A handy accessory holder and traceless wheels are some of the main characteristics of the vacuum cleaners.

Combijet industrial cleaning range can be used in various industrial applications that are described below:




Combijet vacuum cleaner can be used for the recovery of grain dust from silos. Combijet vacuum cleaners are designed to meet the special needs of agricultural operations.




The use of paints and powder coatings is very wide in the automotive industry. When changing colours, the overspray and lost powder must be recovered from coating booths. Since high efficiency filtration systems are crucial at this point automotive plants usually select high quality industrial vacuums with multiple element filters. Combijet industrial vacuums are manufactured to meet the specifications of the automotive industry.




In aviation industry, paints and powders are as common as in the automotive industry, making vacuum requirements identical in both cases. Besides, once airplanes are in service, they must be cleaned regularly. Combijet vacuum cleaners are great for quickly cleaning airplane interiors between flights.




Surely the most common application for an industrial vacuum in the baking industry is flour recovery. Flour’s texture makes normal vacuums clog. That’s the reason why baking plants look for units with multi stage filtration and external filter shakers to keep them from clogging. Another common requirement in baking plants is the liquid spill recovery.  Combijet’s vacuum cleaners series come with the features required by the baking industry.




As one might imagine, spill recovery is by far the biggest need in beverage plants.  These operations look for high static lift in industrial vacuums as the lift is required to pick up various liquids. High static lift is also necessary to recover heavier objects such as bottle caps. Combijet designs and manufactures industrial vacuums that meet the stringent lift needs of the Beverage industry.




Chemical plant personnel deal with hazardous materials of varying degrees that require HEPA vacuums for product recovery. Industrial vacuums are typically used for product transfer as well. One area where product recovery is very important is in the product packaging operations. Combijet offers industrial vacuums with HEPA filters, for ultimate filtration.


Industrial Buildings


The number one industrial vacuum application in industrial buildings is housekeeping, which is proved to be a never ending job. A good wet and dry vacuum cleaner is invaluable for general cleaning as well as recovering spills and plumbing overflows. Combijet designs and manufactures industrial vacuums to meet any industrial building maintenance need.

Electrical & Electronics


Electronic components are often assembled in clean rooms where HEPA vacuums are used to maintain clean conditions. Combijet industrial vacuums are used to maintain hygiene in the electronics industry.




Industrial vacuum cleaners are used extensively in food plants of all kinds for spill and product recovery during the stage of production and that of packaging operations. Combijet vacuum cleaners are the best to choice to help maintain food plants.




In no other place cleanliness is more critical than a health care facility. High efficient filtration vacuums or industrial HEPA vacuums are stirctly required to protect patients from airborne contaminants that can be stirred up by low quality industrial vacuums. Combijet series of vacuums are specially built to meet the efficiency standards required in Healthcare facilities.




In the past years, lead paint was the most common paint used in the maritime industry. When the lead paint is stripped from ships, industrial HEPA vacuums are used to remove and filter the potential contaminants produced as a by-product of the whole process. In addition, industrial HEPA vacuums are commonly used for the recovery of blast media used in sandblasting. Combijet vacuum cleaners are highly efficient and can filter out the contaminants produced during the process of cleaning vessels.




Vacuums are used widely in the mining industry. Industrial vacuums are ideal for the recovery of dust and liquids used in mining facilities. Combijet has developed industrial vacuums that can be used in mining operations.




In the pharmaceutical industry HEPA vacuums are used to achieve the required clean environment. Among other uses, HEPA vacuums are used to clean tablet ovens, maintaining clean rooms and for hazardous material recovery. Combijet’s vacuums are designed with the highest filtration standards and are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry.




Printing plants are immersed with paper dust that finds its way into everything. In order to prevent problems related with the dust, several industrial vacuums should be placed in strategically selected spots throughout plants. Another application for industrial vacuums in the publishing plants is the recovery of ink powder and liquid ink. Vacuum cleaners of Combijet series meet all above mentioned requirements.


Pulp & Paper


Large quantities of water are used in the paper manufacturing process. It is important that reliable and powerful industrial vacuums are used to recover the water and other materials used in the production process. In paper mills, scrap paper recovery is another important application for industrial vacuums. Combijet’s industrial vacuums can be used by paper mills to maintain cleanliness and recover various production materials.




Textile plants need high quality industrial vacuums in order to remove lint, fabric dust, thread and cloth scraps, all of which require high efficiency filtration. Industrial vacuums are also used in textile industry to recover dye when spilt. Combijet’s industrial vacuums are built to meet the filtration requirements of the textile plants.




In power plants, coal dust and fly ash recovery are a never ending process. Without a really high quality air powered or explosion proof industrial vacuum the collection of the by-products can be extremely awkward. Lime dust recovery is another common application where industrial vacuum cleaners are essential. Combijet develops durable and efficient industrial vacuums used by many utilities.

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